Capitol Regional Innovation Cluster Consortium (CRICC) and GrantVEST Join Forces to Accelerate Commercialization and Business Growth

Capitol Regional Innovation Cluster Consortium (CRICC) and GrantVEST Join Forces to Accelerate Commercialization and Business Growth Capital Region, April 9th, 2024 - Capitol Regional Innovation Network (CRICC) and are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at fostering innovation and expediting the commercialization of intellectual property within the Capital Region and beyond.

CRICC, a leading organization dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the Capital Region, has joined hands with GrantVEST, an intelligence platform specializing in supporting commercialization efforts, particularly in intellectual property (IP) management and development.

The collaboration between CRICC and GrantVEST comes at a critical juncture, where innovative ideas need robust support systems to transition from conception to market-ready solutions. By leveraging GrantVEST's advanced technological capabilities and CRICC's extensive network and resources, this partnership aims to streamline the commercialization process for startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the region.

"CRICC is committed to nurturing a thriving innovation ecosystem in the Capital Region, and strategic partnerships like this one with GrantVEST are instrumental in achieving our goals," said Kenneth Clark, President at CRICC. "By combining our strengths, we can provide innovators with the tools, support, and guidance they need to transform their ideas into successful ventures." Additionally, CRICC sees the GrantVEST platform as an excellent tool for upgrading the technical assistance provided to entrepreneurs seeking guidance on how to grow their businesses. The objective evaluations of their business plans and operations and providing them with curated options for finding the necessary capital and other financing for growth will greatly enhance support for starting and growing businesses. GrantVEST's intelligence platform offers a suite of services tailored to support the commercialization journey, including IP assessment, market analysis, and access to alternative capital. Their market opportunity reports also provide a roadmap to growth and success for all businesses. Through this partnership, CRICC members and affiliated entities will gain access to GrantVEST's cutting-edge AI tools and expertise, enabling them to make informed decisions at every stage of the commercialization process as well as guide entrepreneurial start-ups and businesses seeking to expand on the market potential.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with CRICC to empower innovators and entrepreneurs in the Capital Region," said Osa Aihie and Virginia Chau, Co-founders at GrantVEST. "Together, we can bridge the gap between innovation and commercial success by providing actionable insights and strategic guidance that drive growth and competitiveness."

The partnership between CRICC and GrantVEST underscores their shared commitment to fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and building a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish. By combining forces, they aim to catalyze the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies and solutions that will shape the future of the Capital Region and beyond while leveraging AI and networking for market penetration, business developme nt, and capitalization for small and minority businesses.

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